Javer Network Organisation

JaverNet (JN) is a Cameroonian based non - profit organisation with headquarters in Yaounde, Centre Region of Cameroon. The organisation is founded with respet of the appropriate laws of the Republic of Cameroon. JaverNet operates several online collaborative web-based projects including Javer Network Organisation e-Learn platform, heavensvoice, JN tubes, JN web TV etc, as well as a wiki project called Campedia. JaverNet was officially created on June 19, 2012.

Main objective

To promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) through novel communication and education tools, research and development, and the provision of useful information to the community for FREE.


JaverNet is commited to making sure that ICTs bring a positive impact to the local community. ICTs should henceforth be demystified and seen as ICTs for the community and not ICTs for ICT experts.


We partnership with any organisation whose activities are in line with our objectives. So join us in the quest for collecting and making timely and useful information availble to the community

Provide useful information !

Everyone has something to contribute to the community. You can contribute by creating your own JaverNet site


Javer Network Organisation will be celebrating World GIS day on the 17th of November 2015 in the school Campus of Holy Cross International College Yaounde, Cameroon.